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June – A Rainbow of Possibilities!

There is a lot going on this week! We are focusing on the final leg of the Triple Crown, our quick and delicious recipe for pizza, a garden update and Pride Month!


IMG_3771 (3)

The Belmont Stakes is the third leg of the Triple Crown. Excitement is high this year with the possibility of a Triple Crown winner, which has not been accomplished since Affirmed won in 1978 – almost 4 decades ago! American Pharaoh, who won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, will face a group of talented, well-rested challengers. We look forward to watching on Saturday afternoon and will be filling out our racing forms. Hoping for better results this time!

Click here for information on this year’s Belmont Stakes contenders:


And here is an interesting article about the ever-changing Belmont Stakes official signature cocktail(s):



The Belmont Stakes are in New York. As a nod to one of the foods served at the food court at the track, New York-style pizza, we thought we’d share our Italian bread pizza. Its easy, economical and delicious. You can use your favorite sauce and toppings or try ours.

You will need: a 1 lb. loaf of whole wheat or white Italian bread, a jar of your favorite tomato sauce, 1/2 lb. of browned ground beef, 8 oz. of shredded Italian cheese blend, mushrooms and peppers.

IMG_4063 (2)

 To make the pizzas: preheat oven to 400 degrees.

IMG_4068 (2)

Using a serrated bread knife, cut the loaf horizontally into three layers, as shown. Toast in the pre-heated oven on parchment paper for 7-10 minutes.

IMG_4082 (2)

Top each pizza with 1/2 cup of sauce, 1/3 cup of cheese, 1/3 of the ground beef, mushrooms and peppers or the toppings of your choice.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Cut each pizza into 4 slices and enjoy! We especially like the center layer!


IMG_4099 (2)

June started with temperatures in the 40’s, but our plants have hung in there. One of the joys we get from gardening is discovering the unexpected. When we were buying this year’s plants for our patio, we spotted some small, bright purple flowers called Lobelia and decided to give them a try. When we first planted them, we thought they might not make it, but as the picture above shows, they have thrived. They make a nice, bright backdrop in our garden!


We love the beach and we enjoy decorating with beach-inspired items. We jokingly call our home, “the beach house”. This week’s featured photo of Kevin with a rainbow shooting out of his hat is one of our favorites. Roy took this photo in Provincetown, MA, a couple of years ago during our vacation. We decorated the frame with a few shells from the trip. They attach easily with some craft glue. You can cover the whole frame with shells or just add a few.                These embellished frames make great giftstoo! 

Speaking of rainbows:


President Barrack Obama has officially declared June to be LGBT Pride Month. There are great concerts, educational exhibits, crafts fairs, festivals and parades nationwide in June. We are looking forward to Rhodes Island’s month-long celebration. Go on-line to check out events in your area.

Here is a timeline of LGBT history:

Click to access LGBT-Pride-Month-Timeline.pdf

Rainbow Life Quotes – Bing Images



Roy and Kevin

Spring Things!

This weekend is the second leg of the Triple Crown – the Preakness – from Baltimore, MD. It’s been 37 years since Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978, so we will be rooting for Kentucky Derby winner American Pharoah to take the race.

Gardening time is here! We bought a bunch of plants on Mother’s Day and are in the midst of getting our garden together. We got our plants at Lowe’s and a local store, Ann and Hope, which has a great gardening section. For flowers this year, we bought petunias, snap dragons and lobelia. We also picked up tomato and pepper plants, as well as soil and other necessities.


Our seedlings continue to thrive and we look forward to incorporating them into the garden. This year we planted marigolds, pansies and basil. Salsa, pesto and potpourri anyone?

IMG_3889 (2)


IMG_2250 (2)

Pictured: Wooden desk in 2014 garden                                                                             

Over the last few years, we’ve used old indoor furniture (tables, desks, etc.) in the patio garden. They become great, functional outdoor pieces. It’s fun to do this and the formerly unwanted furniture looks really attractive in the garden. The desk pictured above was nice but sadly missing a drawer. We turned the front of the desk to the fence and ended up with a great garden table! The shelves underneath are perfect for pots and other gardening accessories. Over time, the furniture takes on a distressed, weathered look. Of course, these items are not made to withstand outdoor conditions and eventually may need to be replaced. You could make the furniture last longer by storing it during the winter months.


A new addition to 2015’s garden is this shelf, which was handcrafted by Roy’s father. This piece has been in storage for 15 years and we had no place for it in our apartment. We are excited to re-purpose the shelf and we are sure that Roy’s father, Bill, who loved to grow flowers, would approve.

IMG_3904 (3)



A few years ago, we got the idea of using an old toolbox as a planter. It worked great, and we decided to do another one this year. We found this old toolbox, cleaned it well, lined the bottom with gravel for drainage, and added potting soil and flowers. The final result is the featured image for this blog. We think it makes a clever and interesting planter. Not into the rustic look? Paint the planter in your favorite color using a rust resistant spray paint. Almost anything can be used as a planter. We’ve seen everything from dishes to rubber boots! It’s fun to experiment with this idea, and we’d love to see pics showing your creative planters!

IMG_3880 (2)IMG_3883 (2)



The Preakness is Saturday, May 16th. We enjoy watching the Triple Crown races and picking our horses. Just like on Kentucky Derby Day, we check the entries and mark our choices on these simple forms. For fun, and to increase our odds, we include a second group of picks.

IMG_3771 (3)


For more information on the Preakness, check here:



Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay is known for seafood – most notably crab. Here, we salute Maryland with a recipe for Crab Cakes from Rachael Ray.


Not a fan of crab? Try this horseradish bacon chip dip! Get it? Horseradish dip!


Every race in the triple crown has a traditional cocktail. The Kentucky Derby has the Mint Julip. For the Preakness, it’s the Black-Eyed Susan. Check out this link for the recipe for this cocktail and other pre-race drinks.



Each race also has its own song. Here is some information about the song that kicks off the Preakness – “Maryland, My Maryland”. (Careful . . . listening to this song might make you want to buy a Christmas tree!)



Roy and Kevin