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Halloween Blog 3 (the final chapter)

And another favorite from 2014!


This is our 3rd Halloween post for the year. We are still learning and having fun, creating new things and sharing a few ideas. This week we are focusing on the Happy Halloween Banner and some other random yet (hopefully) interesting Halloween and fall related things.

IMG_2671 (2)HAPPY HALLOWEEN BANNER: We saw a banner in a store not too long ago, and we decided to design our own and put our own twist on it. The banner we came up with is simple to make. We made ours out of things we had around the house, but if you were to buy the items, you could probably do it for under $10.00  Let’s make this a banner year!

You will need: 15 5X7 inch rectangles of burlap, 5-6 feet of Jute or ribbon, acrylic paint; black and orange, 15 wooden clothespins. tacks to attach banner to wall.

To make the banner: 

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Halloween Blog 2 (the sequel)!

A post from 2 years ago!



 Post number 2!  We had fun putting up the last post and are still learning about this blogging stuff.  Anything worth learning is going to take some time. We are just starting the process of creating a routine for getting more of these posts out with better and better content.

Last Sunday we decorated our place a little bit with the contents of the buckets of Halloween items we have collected over the years  We used that as inspiration for the few tips we are sharing this week. The Lighted Stacked Jack-O-Lanterns are so simple and affordable. The scarecrow ideas we share make use of household items and thrift store finds. We hope you like these ideas and are enjoying this magical holiday season!


IMG_2653 (2)Decorating tip: The Lighted Stacked Jack-O-Lanterns shown here is a…

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We’ve Only Just Begun!!!

Halloween fun!


A year ago today, we decided to start a holiday blog and do one post a week from mid-October through New Year’s Day. Once the ball got rolling, we didn’t want to stop. The blog has been a lot of fun to do and it has inspired us to be more creative. Thank you to everyone who has followed and contributed to our the blog. We’re looking forward to another crafty and tasty holiday season and a fun 2016!


For wedding anniversaries, the traditional gift for the first year is paper. With that tradition in mind (sorta), we share two crafts made from paper. The first paper project is a clip-on Halloween witch made from construction paper and a clothespin. The second project is a banner we made for Kevin’s brother’s family, wishing them luck on their upcoming move to Florida. Additionally, we offer a recipe for broccoli rabe, a…

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A Halloween post from last year!


In this blog, we share a monster craft and our tasty reduced calorie mashed potatoes with cauliflower and parsnips and, of course, our garden update.


IMG_5561 (2)

Halloween is a time when monsters run amuck, but these easy-to-create monsters are fun and functional.

We made these funny monsters with coffee cans, fabric fur scraps and googly eyes. Fun and easy!

You will need: furry fabric; googly eyes; cans, jars, or other containers; craft glue (we use Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue); rubber bands; felt, pompoms; cloth scraps; construction paper; chenille rope; and anything else that will create the perfect monster!

To Make:

  • Wrap fabric around can and secure at the top and bottom with rubber bands;
  • Glue eyes onto fabric to create face;
  • Add a nose and mouth if desired;
  • For feet, we cut out 2 egg shapes, which were approximately 2 inches by 1.5 iches and glued them to…

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Pine Cones 102 – Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

A Blog from a few weeks ago!


No living thing is ugly in this world. Even a tarantula considers itself beautiful.”

– Munia Khan (poet) Source: Goodreads

For our second mini-blog, we created a spider out of pine cones and mini pumpkins. A fun project to do with your kids. Perfect for Halloween!

You will need:

  • Six 5-inch pine cones
  • One 3-inch mini pumpkin
  • One 4-inch mini pumpkin
  • Black spray paint (Satin finish)
  • 1 black chenille stem (we used Jumbo Fuzzy Sticks from Target) cut to 5 inches
  • Craft glue
  • Two 1/2-inch googly eyes
  • One 14-inch platter

How to create your spider:

  • In a ventilated area, spray paint pumpkins and pine cones thoroughly. Use newspapers to protect surfaces.


  • Allow to dry.
  • Place 3-inch pumpkin upside down below and in front of the 4-inch pumpkin on the platter or whatever you choose as a base.


  • Add googly eyes with craft glue. (Some come with adhesive backs, use…

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Can You Believe It! Halloween Is Coming!

Recycle your coffee cans. Here are some fun, easy ways to decorate with recycled cans (if you don’t drink coffee, pick up some metal cans in the paint department at your local hardware store).

This sketch is the storyboard for this creative idea. Even if feel you can’t draw well, making sketches can help you focus on any project, and no one has to see the sketches!




Suggested materials:

  • coffee cans
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • pom poms
  • craft glue
  • hot glue
  • double stick tape
  • muslin fabric
  • rick rack trim
  • chenille stems (we used Jumbo Fuzzy Sticks from Target)
  • corks
  • funnels  (we got a 3-pack from Lowes for 3.69)
  • nuts and bolts
  • markers
  • spray paint

Here are three completed cans. We may do the others from the sketch in the future:



  • For Frankenstein, we covered a can with construction paper. Allow at least one inch at the top of the can, cut slits and fold over top of can for a crisp fit.


We used:

  • A chenille stem for the hair
  • Mini pom poms for eyes
  • A metal nut for the nose
  • Rick rack for the mouth
  • Wine corks spray painted silver for the bolts. Paint the corks by securing them on a screw through a piece of cardboard or egg carton. Another, less kid-friendly option is to drill holes in the can and use real bolts!


  • Stitches were added with a Sharpie fine marker.
  • Facial features were attached with double stick tape. Nose and neck bolts were attached with hot glue.




  • Coffee can – empty and washed
  • One yard of muslin fabric (or any fabric scraps) cut into 2 inch wide strips
  • Black duct tape
  • 2 large googly eyes (No googly eyes? Use black duct tape to create eyes.)
  • Hot glue (craft glue works well too)

How to create:

  • Attach a strip of cloth (see photo below) as a base for the eyes.
  • Glue the eyes to the cloth and add mouth cut from black duct tape.
  • Wrap rest of can with cloth strips and secure with hot glue or craft glue.




  • Can was covered with green construction paper.
  • All features were attached with double stick tape.
  • Rick rack trim used for the eyebrows and mouth.
  • Pom poms for the eyes.
  • The nose is a small cone fashioned from darker green construction paper.
  • Eyelashes and warts were drawn with a fine sharpie.
  • Hat is a funnel.


Spray paint a few coffee cans in different colors.

They look pretty nice without decorations, too!


Lay out a bunch of craft supplies including paints, markers, double stick tape, craft glue, and more. Let the kids play and create their own designs. The only limit is imagination.


dscf4556-2 dscf4558-2


These cans make really cute decorations but they have other uses, such as the vases above and  these ideas:

Gift Container

dscf4575-2 dscf4570-2

All of the candy pictured on the right fit inside the can on the left. The stem is a lollipop wrapped in green foil. Great gift!!!

(Looks like Mr. Jack-O-Lantern got his nose out of shape!)

Candy or treat dishes for parties or trick-or-treaters!

dscf4561 dscf4543-2

The mummy “popped his lid” over the candy and popcorn! 

Boo! Check out the lollipop ghosts from a previous blog, a quick and easy treat!


dscf4545-2 dscf4548-2 dscf4549-2


It’s coming close to Halloween and the garden is still doing well. Record-breaking warm temperatures and having an enclosed patio have kept our garden thriving. Hope there is enough time for this last group of tomatoes to ripen, or else it might be mini-fried green tomatoes!


Roy and Kevin


Pinecones 103 – Decorating Ideas

This week, for our third mini-blog, we create a pinecone ring that can be used as a base for a flower or candle tablescape, and feature some simple ways to use pinecones to decorate for fall. All this and oh my! The bears!!!



You will need:


  • 12 pinecones, each approximately 6 inches long (try to get pinecones that are close in length and diameter)
  • 1.5-inch wide floral ribbon of your choice (we chose orange burlap)
  • 22-gauge floral wire (our ring used 3 feet)

To create base:

  • Lay cones, tops up, in a row on your work surface.
  • Wire pinecones together starting 3 inches in from one end of wire and leaving one inch between pine cones and 3 inches of wire at the end.
  • Shape pinecones into a circle and twist free ends of wire together to secure.
  • Weave ribbon through pinecones, tie ends and tuck under base.

We placed lights in a vase with some fall colored faux flowers and surrounded the pinecones with more lights.


Here it’s shown without the additional lights on the pinecones:



A flameless candle in the vase also works nicely.


Without the vase, the flameless candle creates a more natural look.



Combine painted and unpainted pinecones with gourds for a colorful display.


Another angle:


Brighten a basket of natural pinecones with colorful flowers.



Here is a simple technique for scenting pinecones with your favorite fall spices:


The bears are wondering what they should do with all of these extra pinecones. They will have to check future blogs!



Roy & Kevin