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The Christmas season is here!!!

Wow! The Christmas season is here! Seems like it was just summer and now Christmas is less then three weeks away. We’ve started decorating and working on our shopping lists. Here are some ideas we thought we would share with everyone.


We often have themes for the many trees which we decorate every year. This weeks tree (above) is an old prelit artificial tree my father, Bill Drew, had in his home for the last 10 years of his life. When he bought this tree and announced that this 3-foot tree was going to be the family Christmas tree, I wasn’t thrilled. Too small, not real, but it was my father’s home and he could do what he wanted. Time and circumstances have a way of changing things. Now that he’s gone, this tree is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. This year, the tree is trimmed with some of the wooden ornaments I made in my father’s workshop when I was in high school, many moons ago!


IMG_2775 (2)IMG_2822 (3)

We use clothespins for a lot of our holiday decorating. We painted a package of 60 using green and red acrylic paints. We use them to hang stockings, hats, lights, cards and other decorative items throughout our home.



IMG_2818 (3)

When choosing a gift, it is important to know something about your recipient. The more you know about them, the more you listen, the more equipped you will be to give them the perfect gift!

Here are some ideas on HOW TO KNOW YOUR GIFTEE:

  • Listen to them; if they say they like or want something, use that information when selecting a gift.
  • Know their favorite sports teams.
  • Find out what their hobbies are.
  • Use the internet to find out what they LIKE on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • What do they need? Is there something you can help them get?
  • Do they have new a computer, car or something else for which you can buy an accessory or fun item?
  • What are their dreams? Can you buy them something to help them achieve those goals?
  • What are their causes? Can you donate to that cause or buy something for them that helps them support it?
  • What is special to them? Perhaps a photo of a loved one, a special piece of jewelry, a special book.
  • Who are their favorite authors?
  • What music do they love? Who are their favorite bands?

JOKE OF THE WEEK:                                                                                                                                        What do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow!                          (Source: Santa World )

HOLIDAY FACT:                                                                                                                                               Christmas wasn’t declared an official holiday in the U.S. until June 26, 1870.                            (Source: randomhistory.com)

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Roy & Kevin