Talkin’ About Walkin’

We are gearing up for our annual participation in the local Providence AIDS walk this Sunday, September 13th. With that in mind, the focus of this week’s post is “walking”, as we touch on walking for exercise, gallery art walks and walks for charity. We also feature photography and our garden and sports updates. Finally, we check in on the bears one more time.


We love to walk – it is an excellent, low-impact exercise. Here is a great post from real simple magazine (they do not use capital letters!). This multi-page post highlights the benefits of walking and offers specific walking guidelines.

Simple energizing snack: A quick pre- or post-walk snack we enjoy is equal parts unsalted peanuts and raisins. Tasty and easy!


Many communities offer art walks or gallery nights to support the local arts community.

We are fortunate to have many art galleries within walking distance in Providence. The galleries offer discounted rates once a month during “Gallery Night”. Transportation also is available for those who may need it. Art walks are a great way to check out your local galleries.

In the Providence area? Here is info on our Gallery Night – next one is 09/17:

Western MA folks check out “artwalk” in Easthampton, MA, on 9/12:

Look in your area to see if there are any arts walks. It’s a great, inexpensive way to learn more about your local art scene!


DSCF0286 (2)

Roy was 10 when did his first charity walk in Springfield, MA. It was called, “Step Out For People”, a walk to raise money for Forest Park, the city’s major park. He participated in this annual walk several times. Those donating would pledge per mile for the walk, which was 25 miles! 25 miles!!! This was the 1970s and parents let their kids walk, often by themselves, through the streets of Springfield, MA, for 25 miles! They did the 25-mile thing a few times and then saner heads prevailed, and 10k or 5k walks became the norm. Everyone got buttons (pictured above) whether they made 25 miles (25 miles!!!) or not.


We have been doing AIDS walks together since we first met in 1995, in Springfield, MA. Sunday will be our 7th AIDS Walk in Providence since we moved here 8 years ago. Had to work one year when they had the walk on a Saturday – though we still donated to the cause! All the money raised during these nationwide walks stays local – helping those who are living with HIV and AIDS. If you would like to support us this year, click on the link below to donate. THANK YOU!!!

Look for information on-line for local fund-raising walks in your area. A great way to support your favorite cause, meet people and get some exercise!


Whether you are walking for health, arts or charity, don’t forget to take photos. Most phones have decent cameras these days, so snap away, print and frame! Get those pics off your phone and out into the world for people to see and enjoy. Roy was on a walk today and saw these beautiful roses. (An unexpected late bloom because of the heat wave!)

DSCF0239 DSCF0241


DSCF0283 (2)DSCF0281 (2)

Another surprising bonus from this early September heat wave is that the Shishito peppers have kicked back in. We picked six today, and have 20-plus new blossoms on the plant. The Super Sweet 100 Tomato Plant has at least 30 buds, while the Husky Cherry Red has more than 25 tomatoes in various stages of ripeness. Our mini-marigolds are hanging in as the picture above shows. Hoping to keep the warm temperatures going a little longer!


Title : Which way? This way? No . . . No . . . That Way! 

DSCF0277 (2) DSCF0278 (2)


The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady, are kicking off this year’s NFL season on Thursday, September 10th, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Gillette Stadium will be rocking!!! GO PATRIOTS!!!


The bears have finished their walk, changed into their Patriots gear and grabbed their pom poms. They are ready for some football!!!

DSCF0273 (2)


“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” Steven Wright



Roy & Kevin




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