New things! (Of all things!)

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  – Walt Disney                                                          Source: “Brainy Quotes”

One of the unexpected benefits of this blog is that it has given us is the motivation to try new things. Every week, we try to think of interesting content to share. This has had a very positive impact on our lives. In the past, we might have said, “We should do this”. Now we say, “We will do this and put it on the blog.” Today, we share some of the new things we are doing and trying. And hopefully, you will be inspired to try some new things, too! (No pressure!) So here are some new things for the garden, a new vegetable we tried, an inexpensive craft, and two new creative tools/toys we have acquired.


IMG_3869 (2)

Hummingbird feeder

Inspired by Kevin’s sister Christine, this year we added a hummingbird feeder to our patio garden. We have never had one before but thought we would give it a shot. We were thrilled this week when Kevin saw our first hummingbird at the feeder. We heard that the feeders also can attract butterflies and are hoping to see those, too. The garden continues to be a great learning experience which brings color and joy into our lives.

New plant varieties

Last year, we grew cherry and beefsteak tomatoes for the first time. We were successful with the cherry tomotoes, netting a few dozen. The beefsteak plant yielded only one tomato, and we determined that type of tomato was less suited to container style gardening on our small patio. This year, we are growing 2 varieties of cherry tomatoes – Super Sweet 100 and Husky Cherry Red. New to our garden this year are peppers. The first bud on our Shishito Sweet Pepper plant is the featured photo at the top of today’s blog.

IMG_4057 (2)

As we’ve been sharing this spring, we planted some seeds and they seem to be coming along nicely. We’ve begun transplanting the seedlings. The marigold plants are doing especially well. It will be interesting to see by how many marigolds and pansies we get, as well as how much basil we end up with as the summer goes on.


IMG_4001 (2)

We are adding some new foods to our repertoire, and this week we chose celery root. Pretty huh? Here is a recipe we tried from Martha Stewart that was very good:

One change we made was to grate the celery root and apple rather than cut them into matchsticks. Unless you have great knife skills and patience or a tool with which to make matchstick cuts, use your grater!


IMG_4000 (2)IMG_4024 (2)

We buy t-shirts as mementos while on vacation, but because they are so well-loved, they get worn a lot and become worn out. It comes to a point when you can only repair a t-shirt’s underarm holes so many times! Then what? One idea which works well is to frame them. The re-purposed t-shirts become artwork for the home and special reminders of our wonderful trips. Roy’s Cape Cod t-shirt looks great in an inexpensive white frame. Simply cut the image or words out, center and tape it to the cardboard that comes with the frame.


IMG_3997 (3)

Thanks to our income tax returns, we have splurged on a couple of things we have wanted for a while. These will give us a chance to learn a new skill and to improve on an old one.

Camera: We love to take pictures and a few weeks ago, bought a new camera, an upgrade from our very functional Canon which was being held together with duct tape. The new camera is loaded with lots of great features and is a little intimidating. It’s going to take a while to learn to use it fully, but that’s part of the fun!

IMG_4031 (2)

In a similar (more extreme) vein, we bought a guitar! Roy has always wanted to learn to play and we got a good deal on one which came with a whole series of DVD lessons. Right now, Kevin is focused on learning the basics of the new camera while Roy has begun the guitar lessons. We are going to do our best and enjoy the challenges!


Of course, when trying new things you are going to encounter challenges and obstacles.         For example, we discovered that the DVD player on our hard drive is out of date and would not play the guitar lessons, and that cutting celery root into matchsticks can be tedious and time-consuming. But trial and error is part of the whole “new thing process”. It is a learning and growing, and in the case of our hard drive, updating, experience.


Click on the link to find out more!


We encourage you to be adventurous. Try a new hobby, craft, sport or food. It’s good for you and keeps life interesting!


Roy and Kevin


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