Easter, Passover and March (in April) Madness, Oh My!!!

What a busy week! Easter is early this year, coinciding with Passover and the Final Four games of the NCAA tournaments. Here are some quick, kid-friendly Easter crafts, the “how-to” for a traditional hard-boiled egg game and a different take on classic egg salad for the losing eggs.


We were originally going to make mini Easter baskets with tuna cans as a base, but Kevin thought the tuna cans would make cute nests for Peeps and candy eggs or other items. It ended up being a really easy, inexpensive craft that is fun to do with kids. One of the final results is pictured above.

For each nest you will need: One 5 oz. size empty tuna can, 1/2 pkg. paper Easter grass (not the glossy type) in the color of your choice, craft glue (we used Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue, but use your favorite), plastic wrap or wax paper.

How to make: Create a ball of grass about one inch wider than the can. Make sure can is clean and dry. If there are any rough edges, cover those with duct tape. Apply a light coat of glue to outside of can. Place can on top of grass and mold the nest around can. Add additional glue to further secure paper grass. Let dry completely before adding grass to inside of can. Add filling of your choice. If you wish to put unwrapped candy eggs or other food in finished nest, line the inside with plastic wrap or wax paper before adding the food.

IMG_3502 (2)IMG_3555 (2)


Kevin’s family plays the egg crashing game every Easter. Here is a link with some more information about it:


POST-GAME SNACK: Though the name is not exactly fitting for the holiday, this delicious recipe is a perfect use for your eggs after the egg crashing game is over. It’s a nice combination of two hard-boiled egg classics. Here’s the link for Rachel Ray’s recipe:



We saw a cute bunny banner at Kohl’s, liked the idea and came up with our own version. We got a pattern, then traced and cut out the rabbit shapes on a variety of colorful craft papers. We then strung the rabbits on rustic jute, added cute pompom tails, and drew easy bunny faces with a fine-tipped Sharpie. We alternated the images on the banner, front and back. Happy Easter window clings were added for the photo, but we don’t recommend keeping them up as they may stain the wall. This is another great craft for kids, who can color the rabbit cut outs on construction paper rather then using the craft paper. You can also use seasonal gift wrap for the rabbit cut outs. Hippity Hoppity!

IMG_3593 (2)

IMG_3569 (2)

IMG_3579 (2)






Template source: pinterest The little fabric shop


We love what we call ” festive party lights” and incorporate them into our decorating whenever possible. Easter is no exception. Kevin came up with the idea a few years ago to light plastic Easter eggs by punching holes in the back of the eggs and attaching them to white or multi-colored Christmas lights. They look great and are easy to do. We used a Phillip’s head screw driver, but an awl or drill would make easy work of punching the holes in the back of the plastic eggs. Most Christmas lights are low temp, but use caution – don’t leave them on when you go to bed, or when you go out. We haven’t had any problems, but we must say, do this craft and any of our other crafts at your own risk!

IMG_3598 (6)IMG_3601 (2)


The men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments have reached the Final Four. On Saturday night, Michigan State plays Duke and Kentucky takes on Wisconsin for the chance to play in the men’s finals on Monday, April 6th. The games will be played in Indiana – a state that recently legalized discrimination against gays. Congratulations to the state of Connecticut for refusing to use state funds for any government trips to Indiana (including paying for UCONN men’s head coach Kevin Ollie to go to the Final Four).

The women’s Final Four is Sunday night in Florida, when the top four seeds play – South Carolina vs. Notre Dame and UCONN vs. Maryland. The winners play for the national champoinship on Tuesday, April 7th. We are pulling for UCONN to win its third straight title.   GO HUSKIES!!!


With the coming of Spring and Easter, we are looking forward to nicer days ahead and thinking of all of our family members and friends – those who are with us in person and those who are with us in spirit. We wish all of you a very Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Spring!!!
Roy and Kevin

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