If we wanted to live in Minnesota, we would!!!

We are posting this blog watching yet another Sunday snow storm hit New England. There’s no way around it, this winter has been a challenge. The snow has made driving and parking more difficult, delayed and cancelled many events and caused all sorts of household problems. Personally, we are dealing with ongoing roof leaks in our apartment, and as managers of a storage facility, it has made our jobs much more difficult. A positive is that we are saving money on gym memberships. Chopping ice and shovelling snow are exercise enough! But, we are trying to be patient, looking forward to spring, and finding ways to enjoy ourselves now.


One of the things we look forward to each year is March Madness. We are fans of the UCONN Huskies. Some of our UCONN gear is pictured below. Great win against SMU today guys!!!  Next up are the conference tournaments, the men’s and women’s selection shows and March Madness.

IMG_2759 (4)






IMG_2247GARDENING Last year, we had a great patio garden. We enjoyed planting flowers and had surprising success with our first attempt at growing container tomatoes, especially the cherry tomato varieties.

IMG_3320 (2)Here are a couple of pictures of our gardening efforts. The picture to the left is our patio last June. Picture below shows our tomato buckets. Loved it!! IMG_2408


The picture above is our patio today!!!  (We much prefer the other images of our patio!)



We were thinking of ways to enjoy the winter. Some folks love this kind of weather and enjoy skiing and outdoor activities. We both broke our legs skiing – enough said!

A few Ideas for enjoying the winter:


Leek & Potato Soup: As a nod to our unfortunate roof leaks, we decided to make Leek & Potato Soup. It is a delicious and comforting meal. The link for Rachael Ray’s recipe is below.



Draw, paint, write, do crafts, make a banner!


We are very fortunate to have a great local public library. This year, Roy is taking a class at the Warwick Public Library based on the book, The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. He is enjoying it very much and it was free. (It’s a great book – highly recommended!) Check your local library websites, they have free or inexpensive classes, shows and discussions – and great books, of course!!!


Daylight Savings Time is next weekend!

Roy and Kevin


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