Merry Christmas!!!

We’ve really enjoyed creating these blog posts. Funny how writing a blog about creativity actually inspires the creative process and provides a great outlet for expression. It’s definitely been a positive experience.

Today, we are posting some photos from our previous Christmas blog entries. We’ve enjoyed sharing these with you this season. We also are including another one of the decorations we put up every year. And finally, we’re sharing a picture taken by Roy’s great niece Thalia of a festive craft project she did recently with her 4 and 1/2-year old son Taegan – very cute! Enjoy!


THE TREES: the angel tree, the tree with homemade wooden ornaments, the sports tree, the nutcracker tree, and our tomato cage tree craft project.

IMG_2848 (2)IMG_2815 (2)IMG_2803 (3)IMG_2852 (2)IMG_2841 (2)

THE TIPS                                                                                                                                                            Gift Bags and painted clothespins


IMG_2928 (2)IMG_2924 (2)






IMG_2822 (3)IMG_2775 (2)


THE VIGNETTES:                                                                                                                                             Stuffed animals and hat shelf, animatronics, snowmen, desktop and bulletin board.

IMG_2836 (2)IMG_2893 (2)

IMG_2837 (2)

IMG_2929 (2)







It’s great receiving annual photo Christmas cards from our family and friends. Each year, we clip them to this moose card wreath using the painted clothespins we featured earlier this month.

IMG_2934 (3)


We love these decorations Roy’s great niece Thalia made with her son, Taegan.  Thalia saw them online (not sure which website) and created her own version. Her son enjoyed making them and putting paint on his feet. After she took this photo, she punched a hole at the top of each reindeer and hung the ornaments on her tree. They look great!  Kudos to Thalia and Taegan!  

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback we have received about our blog posts since we started it just before Halloween of this year.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a creative New Year!

Roy & Kevin




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